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"I think at heart I'm a hopeless romantic, inspired by the beauty and romance of everyday life".

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                         My Story 

Art has always been at the centre of who I am, having been recognised as gifted and talented from an early age. A passion and natural ability that has been nourished and developed over many years.

Throughout school, art for me was a lifeline. It was what gave me my identity, my focus and my confidence - leading me on to create and start selling paintings from the age of just thirteen years old and falling in love with the process.

Continuing to follow my dreams, I later went on to study an art diploma at North Devon  College and Fine Art at the University of the west of England, where I specialised in print making. 

All of these things have helped contribute to the person and artist I am today. However, I believe that it is through life itself that my art and insight have truly been given the space to grow - enabling me to search deeper into who I am as an artist and what it is that I want to say. 

I have now come to understand that my art is an expression of life itself, of a passing moment in time and the connection between people - through intensity of colour, texture and movement.

Now living and working in Bristol, I continue to explore my creative practice, while also developing new skills such as picture framing. This has become both a crucial and rewarding aspect to my work. 


As an artist, I also regularly do commissioned work - following a brief on a particular topic, using reference images or simply just creating from an idea. To date, I have completed a wide variety of paintings from portraits, animals, landscapes and family scenes. I find the whole process extremely enjoyable, helping to bring a vision alive through layers of design and creativity. 


Through my art, my ambition is to capture a moment in time in an honest and emotional way - being authentic and true to life. Drawing in on these qualities, I love having the opportunity to create a piece of artwork that captures the beauty, intimacy and memory of such an important day. 

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