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One of my favourite things about Spanish life is to be able to sit outside, to relax and socialise at all times of the year. I have aways found Granada to be especially perfect for this with its endless cobbled streets, bars and restaurants —the perfect little places to escape with so much presence.

On this particular day it happened to be early December, stretching over a holiday weekend and the city seemed to be absolutely overwhelmed with visitors. As my mum and I optimistically continued to search for a place to eat lunch, unexpectedly I found this to be a time of so much inspiration and opportunity. Life was unfolding all around me and special moments were beginning to capture my imagination. As I passed by this scene, so I completely fell in love with the beauty of it all, the richness of the orange trees, the people beneath and all of the stories happening within one little place.

Under the orange trees, Granada - Limited Edition Print

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