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Having seen a few of Meg’s beautiful paintings on line I asked her if she could do a commissioned piece for me as I love art that means something to me personally. Over many weeks we communicated various ideas about what this could be. First I set my mind on a view across Croyde Bay to Baggy Point. This is a place dear to my heart as we played there a lot as children &, having walked the point many times over the years with my parents, it is where we scattered their ashes. The actual composition took more thought & with a lot of help & encouragement from Meg we came up with the idea of including our children & grand children on the beach. I didn’t have any good photos of them all there on Croyde beach but had loads from other places, including inside, so we set about choosing my favourites. Consequently I have an amazing original painting the includes several images of our children & grand children at various ages - AMAZING! Without Meg’s support, patience & talent I would never have got the result we have. Having placed it behind the dining room table it is a great talking point & much admired. Can’t thank her enough.

Louise Verrall

Project Gallery

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