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   Wedding Artist 

As an artist, my ambition is to capture the beauty and character of your special day in a unique and timeless way. Creating something that can be cherished and loved forever. 

Arriving In Style 

What better way to arrive to your wedding? On a beautiful horse while holding an electric pink umbrella! 

It has been such an honour to be able to capture this very unique, stand out moment, filled with all the charm and excitement of the day to come. I know it will be cherished forever.

wedding horse JPEG.jpg

Wedding Balloons 

I love the intensity and passion in this painting, capturing this newly married couple sharing an intimate moment together beneath the floating balloons. I have particularly enjoyed injecting so much colour and boldness into the portrait, conveying such character and emotion.

A moment from a very special day that can be held close to their hearts for eternity. 

 Wedding couple balloons JPEG.jpg

Under The Lights

In the moment where this couple take their vows and commit their lives to one another, it has been a real honour to capture such a level of beauty and intimacy. Set within this magical scenery and coming together under the florescent lights. 

Under the lights - green wedding JPEG.jpg

Confetti Fills The Air

As This elegant couple stride out of the registry office arm in arm, so confetti and excitement fill the air. Sharing this moment of happiness and intimacy as loved ones await their arrival.

It has been so special to capture the emotion and energy of this moment in a way that keeps it alive for many more years to come. 

Hol and Pete wedding JPEG.jpg

Standing At The Alter

Captured standing at the alter before making their vows, this beautiful couple take centre stage in this painting, surrounded by an intricate collage of meaningful patterns and objects. To the left of the bride, flowers from the bridesmaid dresses fade upwards, while to the right of the groom, the vivid colour and design of the bouquet continue to help bring the artwork to life.

I have particularly loved this creative process of collage while having the opportunity of bringing various elements of the wedding together in such a unique way. 

tom and jen wedding pic .jpg
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