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Working together to create something beautiful 



Our Place To Remember 

Having seen a few of Meg’s beautiful paintings on line I asked her if she could do a commissioned piece for me as I love art that means something to me personally. Over many weeks we communicated various ideas about what this could be. First I set my mind on a view across Croyde Bay to Baggy Point. This is a place dear to my heart as we played there a lot as children &, having walked the point many times over the years with my parents, it is where we scattered their ashes. The actual composition took more thought & with a lot of help & encouragement from Meg we came up with the idea of including our children & grand children on the beach. I didn’t have any good photos of them all there on Croyde beach but had loads from other places, including inside, so we set about choosing my favourites. Consequently I have an amazing original painting the includes several images of our children & grand children at various ages - AMAZING! Without Meg’s support, patience & talent I would never have got the result we have. Having placed it behind the dining room table it is a great talking point & much admired. Can’t thank her enough


Louise Verrall 

Amongst The Rocks 


As a young man living in the South West of England, I often wondered what mystical places lay under and beyond the spectacular sunsets over the Bristol Channel. Those sunsets gave me a head full of dreams hoping one day to be able travel to those far off lands. Meg captured that sky to perfection in my commission that now hangs pride of place in my home in Melbourne, Australia. So proof that dreams do come true, I got to fly over that sunset many times en route to Ireland and America!

Now every time I see Meg’s painting, I am transported to those dream filled days of my youth.


Malcolm Hamilton 

Malcolm review photo.jpg

Childhood Memories


I first came across Meg’s work on her Facebook page and I fell in love with the soft tones and the way that her paintings capture the moment, often a group of people, how she brings them to life. I had this beautiful photo of my children on a beach in France and as soon as I saw Meg’s work I was reminded of that picture. I asked her if she would paint them for me, from the photograph and this is the stunning result. Everyone who comes into the house, comments on the beauty of the painting. We absolutely love it. Thank you Meg for giving us something we will treasure forever.


Pru Maskell

Lorna ashford review photo .jpg

Peaceful Glow


Megan painted this for me two years ago, it takes pride of place in my home and I never tire of this beautiful scene. Only this week a friend visiting was really taken with it and thought it’s evening mood gave it something extra special. Megan exhibited her work during Ilfracombe art trail, I among many others went along and got to view her other beautiful paintings, she is an excellent extremely talented painter. I love mine


Lorna Ashford 

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